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Your Exam

A complete exam includes the following:
  • Visual acuity, or level of vision on eye chart
  • Refraction, or need for glasses
  • Pupillary reaction
  • Ocular movements
  • Confrontation visual fields
  • Examination of the front part of the eye with the slit lamp microscope
  • Examination of the back part of the eye with the slip lamp microscope and/or
    indirect ophthalmoscope. This usually requires dilation of the pupils with eye
    drops. These drops may blur your vision for several hours.


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If you are being evaluated for a problem rather than for a routine exam, your exam may be slightly different. In some cases, additional testing may be performed during your visit.

If you wear contacts or would like to be fitted for contacts, your exam will include the elements described above. In addition, measurements will be taken of the front part of your eye. The doctor will examine your eyes with the contacts in place to assess their fit. If you currently wear contact lenses, please wear or bring the contacts and the packaging if possible.